About Us

A huge welcome to our store! Our small team is made out of  mums who are passionate about giving children and families the best possible start in life. Whether it’s sharing valuable insights for parenting, home prepared baby meals, helping you discover innovative products for your family’s needs, or just simply having a good laugh, we’re here to be a friend and a resource for your journey ahead.

“Baby – a little bit of heaven sent down to earth.”

These little angels are a blessing, but they can be exhausting and we all know that. Chances are you've found this page and are simply looking for someone to help you cope with the exhaustion, how to help your baby eat better, sleep better or ideas on how to keep them occupied and stimulated, calmer or just browsing to see what's in our store... we get it, we've been there too.

Just as every pregnancy and baby are different, every member of our team has had a different experience raising their children. The most important thing is that each of us have experienced the joys and challenges of this devine and sacred role we play in this wonderful world as mothers!

Ultimately, our desire is to help you discover tools and insights for a healthier you as you also nurse your body back to normal, healthier relationships and healthier living that genuinely guide your family toward the fullness of life. Life is not easy, there’s no getting around that, but you could make a huge difference in the early years of your child but most of all you as the mother also needs to take care of #1 so you can be the best mum you are meant to be. 

We hope that you join us in capturing special experiences, inspiring true joy, and providing a grounded and healthy framework for your child to reach for their fullest potential.

We also hope that you will engage with us on this platform, Facebook and Instagram and that you like the innovative products we bring to you and your children will love them too.

From all of us InfantK!